What is Symbiotic Sales all About?

Skipping the Pre-written, Canned, Classroom Talks!

Nothing kills the creativity of your sales department like being forced into a Saturday sales training class that everyone knows was written 10 years ago and simply has the interested parties name replaced with yours.

Symbiotic Sales is for the New Generation of sales personnel. 

Forget classrooms full of sleepy unwilling participants. Symbiotic Sales is 90% active participation and on the job training. 

Long Term Customers. Not Angry Callbacks.

Most angry callbacks come from a customer who was sold incorrectly. Or just plain sold by someone who had the convincing power and rhetoric to make it happen. 

While getting the sale is nice, keeping the sale and making a friend long term is so much more profitable.

Long term customers occur when they feel you knew what they were really looking for, even if sometimes they didn’t really know it themselves.

Reading Minds…. Sort of!

We are the experts. We need to know what our customers need when most of the time they only think they know what they need. How do we accomplish this while still maintaining our relationship with the customer? 

Working with Symbiotic Sales, we’ll find out together!